Aims and Mission

Mission Statement

To provide educational excellence through an innovative curriculum delivered by highly qualified teachers, nurturing READERS of today and LEADERS of tomorrow, in shaa’ Allah.



The primary objective of the school is to develop a holistic approach to education and tarbiyyah for our children. We aspire to develop an educational establishment that fosters true Iman and love for Islam in the hearts and minds of our children.

Read Academy’s aim is to form an invaluable Islamic personality and to provide students with the highest standard of education in all subjects instilling qualities of self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence whereby students use Islam as the criterion to distinguish right from wrong.

The school aims to create a warm, friendly and relaxed Islamic environment wherein students and staff enjoy an understanding of mutual respect, thereby creating an atmosphere of teaching and learning, an environment where students can relate to each other in a respectable and responsible manner.

Aims of Read Academy are:

  • To create a stimulating, safe and secure environment where all members of the school community can work to their full potential, feel valued and respected regardless of race, colour, disability or gender.
  • To take account learning needs of each child and provide a learning environment to ensure the highest possible standards of achievement.
  • To provide a balanced and comprehensive curriculum drawing on Islamic knowledge and incorporating the National Curriculum;
  • To promote moral and academic excellence, whilst developing children’s spiritual needs, so that they are better equipped to meet the challenges and responsibilities of life ahead;
  • To develop effective liaison with parents, external agencies and the local community;
  • To equip every child with the necessary skills, attitudes and experiences necessary to prosper in a changing society and to encourage creativity and ambition;
  • To foster the invaluable Muslim character, as epitomised by the Prophet Muhammad (saw), in the growing personalities of our children;
  • To provide the highest moral, spiritual, ethical, social and cultural values whereby each student learns to respect the law and shows initiative by becoming a dynamic contributor to local, national and international issues, someone who is felt and valued as an asset to the community due to his balanced understanding of his own culture as well as the culture of others.