Attendance is excellent, being notably above the national average. OFSTED 2014

School hours are from 8:00am to 2:30pm Key Stage 1 and 8:00am to 3:30pm Key Stage 2  Monday to Friday. Parents/Carers are expected to bring their children before school starts but not earlier than 7:40am. Pupils must be collected immediately after the school day has ended and not later than 2:45pm for Key Stage 1 and 3:45pm for Key Stage 2. Children who attend booster classes and/or after school clubs  are expected to be collected at the informed time promptly.

It is essential that pupils maintain full attendance throughout their programme of study. Holidays are not allowed during term-time and a DfE discretionary leave of 5 school days is applied only to cases involving emergency or urgent need. Non–attendance must be informed in advance wherever possible and absences due to sickness must be notified to the school office through a phone call on the morning of the absence or by completing the absence form online, accompanied by an email or a letter on the child’s return to school, stating the full length of the absence.

Lateness of arrival disrupts classes and teaching. Parents are requested to strictly adhere to the school opening hours. We currently operate a “lock-out” policy for regular latecomers to encourage punctuality. This means that latecomers are locked out of school and asked to return later. This applies in arrivals after 8.10am, where the school has not been informed in advance with a reasonable explanation and where there have been at least two previous occasions of lateness with no reasonable explanation for the late arrival.

Poor attendance or punctuality could result in a referral to the Local Authority’s Education Welfare Department.