Our Curriculum

At Read Academy Secondary, we are committed to all students accessing our rich and balanced curriculum, irrespective of their starting points or special educational need. Through academic study and wider engagement in an exciting range of extra-curricular, enrichment and extension opportunities, we develop students’ knowledge, understanding, creativity and curiosity.

We believe that all aspects of school life contribute to our curriculum which in turn equips our students to confidently and proudly take their place in our local community, more widely in modern Britain and as future global citizens. Our students receive comprehensive and impartial advice and guidance and consequently, are prepared and confident to choose routes in further and higher education, training and the world of work when they leave us.

Key Stage 3: Years 7, 8 and 9

Our academic Key Stage 3 curriculum follows national curriculum statutory requirements and is enriched with a range of other subjects, all of which are considered to be of equal importance.

We recognise that students’ study during Key Stage 3 provides the building blocks they need to be successful in key stage 4. This means that all students will continue to study the vital curriculum areas of art, languages, Humanities, Quran, and Islamic Studies through to the end of Year 9.

Students joining us with lower prior attainment or special educational needs will receive bespoke, additional support through small group intervention and within mainstream classrooms. This may include, for example, maths and English catch up, language support, transitional support, or bespoke support for individual specific educational needs.

Key Stage 4: Years 10 and 11

At the start of Year 10, our core academic curriculum consists of:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Citizenship
  • Islamic Studies
  • Quran
  • Physical Education

During Key Stage 3 and 4 students are offered a wide range of careers education and independent advice and guidance to assist them in seeking and securing appropriate pathways Post 16.

Our Wider Curriculum

Throughout their life at Read Academy, students are offered a wide range of extra-curricular, enrichment and personal development opportunities. These are delivered through subjects, our rich citizenship programme, assemblies, tutor time and the day-to-day life of school. They include a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities, trips and visits, special events and opportunities offered through our rich spiritual, moral social and cultural curriculum. As a Mixed private Faith school based in London, we embrace the opportunities presented by this vibrant and cultural city.

The whole curriculum contributes to our students’ wider skills, knowledge and personal qualities. These include, for example, working effectively in teams, study skills, developing students’ literacy skills and their love of reading, critical thinking and practical skills. Our students become socially aware, support and respect each other’s differences and harmoniously embrace our School Ethos. Equally, students develop a strong awareness of how they can stay safe both within the school and in the wider community. Our students enjoy the challenge of assuming leadership opportunities such as representing the student body through school council membership or captaincy of the houses and sports teams. We are proud of our students’ achievements both in school and in the wider community.