Safeguarding Statement

The welfare of our pupils is the school’s paramount concern. As a school, we do all that we can to promote the welfare of pupils and to ensure that children feel safe, secure, respected and are protected from harm both within the school and beyond our direct control.

We will endeavour to support the welfare and safety of all pupils through:

Maintaining children’s welfare as our paramount concern

Establishing and maintaining an ethos where children feel secure and are encouraged to talk and are always listened to.

Ensuring that all children know there is an adult in the school whom they can approach if they are worried or in difficulty.


Ensuring continuous development and improvement of robust safeguarding processes and procedures that promote a culture of safeguarding within our school community.

Ensuring the content of the curriculum includes social and emotional aspects of learning.

Ensuring that child protection is included in the curriculum to help children stay safe, recognise when they don’t feel safe and identify who they might / can talk to.

Promoting a positive, supportive, neutral and secure environment where pupils can develop a sense of being valued and heard in their own right.

Ensuring all steps are taken to maintain site security and the pupil’s physical safety.

Ensuring that all adults who have contact with children in school have been properly vetted and cleared as suitable to work and support children in our care/charge.

Working with parents to build an understanding of the school’s responsibility to ensure the welfare of all children.

Ensuring that all staff are able to recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse and are aware of the school’s procedures and lines of communication.

Monitoring children and young people who have been identified as having welfare or protection concerns; keeping confidential records which are stored securely and shared appropriately with other professionals

Developing effective and supportive liaison with other agencies.

At Read Academy, we ensure that all children are supported in the most appropriate way during the school day as part of our duty to provide the best support possible for our pupils.