Visiting the School

The Headship Team is pleased to welcome parents who wish to make an initial visit at a mutually convenient time arranged with the school.

Our main office opening hours are Monday–Friday 8.00am -4:00pm. Open days and Evenings are held throughout the year for Admission. Parents may put their child’s name on the waiting list at any time throughout the year.

Admissions Procedure

As Read Independent School admissions are on-going and as such there is no deadline to meet except for Reception intake.

Admissions for Reception

The selection process for entry into Receptions is based on three sources of information:

–          An interview with the parents

–          The child’s assessment

–          A reference from the child’s present school/nursery

Selection is based on the initial interview with the parents/guardians and the child. The sympathetic and wholehearted support of the parents in the aims and ideals of the school is of utmost importance in the selection process.

Admission for Years 1- 6

The selection process for entry for Year 1-6 is based on three sources of information:

–          An entrance examination

–          A reference from the student’s present school or an interview carried out during the examination procedure

–          An interview with prospective student’s parents

The Entrance Tests are designed to suit all year groups within the Primary School. Candidates sit papers in Literacy and Numeracy based on the National Curriculum.

Admission for Years 7- 11 

Same as above

Offer of a Place

Confirmation of acceptance will be given, but only following a visit by the parents/guardians and child and the completion of the Admission Test (where applicable).