A huge thank you and well done to our RAPTA team and secondary students for all of their hard work and commitment towards our ‘Cave Project’ 

Now that ‘The Cave’ is almost complete, we will be holding a GRAND OPENING of the ‘The Cave’ on Wednesday 15th June 2022! 

The Cave is a gym room located in the school where our secondary students will have the opportunity to work out! 

The decision to call it the “The Cave” is because the cave was where our Prophet (peace be upon him) went for reflection and time to focus on himself and we want our secondary students to follow suit. 

Our students will have the opportunity to focus on their health and well-being. It is a place where they will learn and understand self-discipline, the importance of health, wellbeing and fitness, work on their mindfulness before the school day starts, during their break times and round up their day with a well deserved workout! 

We believe that this will develop good habits for life as well as improve their mental and physical health. Our students are very excited for the grand opening and we hope it encourages future habits around keeping fit, healthy and daily exercise.