Thank you for your interest in Read Academy. It is always rewarding to greet parents who have recognized the need to provide their children with a high standard of academic education in unison with a high standard of Islamic education. The following pages will give you a snapshot of life at our school. 
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Special Weeks

World Book Day – 1st March 2018


To learn more about Read Academy, please have a look at our prospectus.




“Read Academy has the perfect blend of a family atmosphere and a preparatory style education with a focus on academia and deen alike. Dedicated, caring and open staff who go the extra mile to make each individual child feel special and each parent feel that their child is in the best care possible.”

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Action Plan

Please find attached the Action plan which outlines all the steps that we are taking to address the points raised in the Ofsted report. It is important this is read with the Ofsted report to fully understand how we aim to tackle the concerns raised and improve In sha Allah.

Jazakallahu Khayran.

Action Plan





Please find attached the Oftsed report below with the Action plan. The action plan has been created in response to the report. It is imperative that the Action plan is read with the Ofsted report as we have outlined all the steps we are taking as a school to move in a forward direction and improve In sha Allah. 
Ofsted Report
Action Plan