Read Academy is an all through inclusive school which welcomes boys and girls aged 3 to 16. The school was established in 2013, and since then has grown from strength to strength.

The school moved to Mansfield Road and inherited the historic site of Cranbrook School, founded in 1896 (formerly known as Cranbrook College). The school was acquired by Cognita in 2007 and boasted outstanding facilities that we are now fortunate to use and further develop, creating an outstanding learning environment for our Read students.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum supplemented with a bespoke Islamic education that offers all students the opportunity to succeed in every sphere of life. We focus on teaching students the skills to be effective learners and to encourage in them a love of learning that they will keep throughout their life and make choices that will benefit them in this world and the next.

We never lose focus on academic excellence, but we take pride in ensuring our pupils benefit educationally, personally and socially from a rich and rounded educational experience.

The work that takes place in the classroom is the cornerstone of the school’s success. A dedicated team of well-qualified and skilled teachers and support staff provide outstanding learning and teaching for students.

Read students are enthusiastic, motivated and ambitious to succeed and maintain very high standards of behaviour and engagement in their studies. They are encouraged to be reflective and creative in their thinking and to become increasingly independent learners as they progress through school.

Read Academy’s C-O-R-E


We believe that the holistics needs of every student are at the core of all we do at Read Academy; we shape a nurturing of wellbeing and supportiveness.


We aim to open doors for our children to have bright, flourishing lived We provide well-planned teaching and learning opportunities through a broad, engaging and inclusive curriculum; we want our learners to see the world as their classroom and be equipped to learn and reflect in a range of dynamic ways: with guidance from teachers, collaborating with other learners, hands-on experience as well as through, careers-related, virtual and technology-based activities.

We give students opportunities to aspire to excellence to be recognised for their participation, teamwork, collaboration, community contributions, good character, entrepreneurial spirit, effort, skills, achievements and talents in and out of the classroom.


We advocate respect for ALL: oneself, our community, all of humankind and the natural environment; we frame this with balanced British Islamic values and ethical principles. Our learners are encouraged to develop a strong moral compass, an equitable mindset and a strong sense of local and global citizenship


We have a school culture of high expectations and make progress and achievement an essential motivating component for our learners to grow from strength to strength; in both their academic and physical, spiritual, moral and social development.

Excellence in character, academics, sports, the arts and community engagement are central to how we communicate excellence in the form of ‘eHsan’ through our through-school ‘Learner Attributes of Excellence’; this is also a key element of our pastoral and Islamic curriculum. Our learners are taught the value of reading and to be active readers and we equip them with the 21st century skills through our 10Cs and role model for students to become change-makers and leaders of tomorrow.