At Read Academy, we actively raise the aspirations of our students. We hold high expectations for all and have carefully embedded 21st century skills into our curriculum. We see these, along with our learner attributes of excellence as a foundation for increasing student employability in a future world of work that we are all yet to know.

Our 21st Century skills are taught with a global open-minded perspective to develop a growth mindset, resilience and metacognitive awareness in face-to-face, hybrid and digital spaces. Our 10 Cs skills  are:


Read Academy has a strong commitment to character education and developing our students to be compassionate, empathetic and morally responsible young people. A dedicated programme of development is embedded at every key stage.


Our pupils are encouraged to form their understanding of culture, cultures and citizenry at a local and global level and develop sensitivity and literacy of the cross-cultural and globalised world that we live in.


We have a strong focus on ensuring pupils and our team are collaboration and communicating with each other positively and proactively. We also incorporate these skills deeply into every subject through activities that hone and promote collaborative capacities and communication skills in a range of forms: face-to-face, digitally, in writing, through performance and in a diverse range of settings.


Children are naturally curious and our students at Read are encourage to extend their curiosity through maker-centric learning that allows them to create and evaluate what they have created. We incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) projects into learning and provide breadth and depth in every pupil’s learning journey.


We are committed to delivering a curriculum that allows pupils to familiarise themselves with the vocational and technology-based computing skills that are transferable to a range of ‘workplaces of the future’. We appreciate that our students will be doing jobs that have not yet been created and therefore make a real effort to expose our pupils to creative technologies, innovation and enterprise and technology-enablled learning activities to help them find their calling and decide on their learning and career pathways.