School Tours

We invite you to make an appointment to visit Read Academy by filling in our enquiry form and a member of our admissions team will get back to you to schedule a visit.

Open days and evenings are also held throughout the year and you are welcome to put your child’s name on a class waiting list at any time in the academic year.

Admissions Policy

Please contact us here if you could like to register your interest for a school place. Currently, all year groups are full.

Reception Class Admissions

The admission process for entry into our EYFS class is based:

  • A collaborative parent/guardian and child initial interview
  • A ‘whole’ child assessment conducted by our admissions team
  • A reference from the child’s present school/nursery

We have a whole-hearted, professional approach and offer school places on the basis of building strong home-school partnerships with every family.

Admissions into Primary and Secondary Years

The admissions policy for entry into Primary and Secondary year groups is based on:

  • An entrance examination aligned to age-related expectations in core subjects (Literacy and Numeracy at Primary, English, Mathematics and Science at Secondary)
  • A written reference from the student’s present school and a pupil  interview carried out during the examination procedure
  • An interview with prospective student’s parents


Read Academy is a not-for-profit fee-paying school.

The annual per-child fee for our early years and primary school is a single and transparent £4,299. This is a termly fee of £1,433.

The annual per-child fee for our secondary school is £4,500. This is a termly fee of £1,500.

Year 11: Examination fees and admin costs will be approximately an extra £50 per subject and is charged prior to GCSE exam season for year 11 students (Exam Fee is set by the awarding body in the year of examination.)

The school accepts applications all through the year. A one-off admissions fee of £200 is payable on successful enrolment to the school.

Pupil registration

If a school place becomes available, the school admissions team will contact you and then a registration fee of £25 is payable prior to making an application.


A refundable deposit of £500 is held and refundable upon satisfactorily completing the school’s pupil withdrawal procedure.

GCSE Examination Fees

Examination fees are payable in order for students to become candidates to sit external examinations.

The exact fee payable by each candidate is dependent on the number of examinations that they will sit and the cost of the examination at the time.
These fees are required to be paid in addition to our school tuition fees.

As rough guidance this year’s exam entry fees will be approximately £45-50 per subject. It is important to note the exact cost payable will be depend upon the fee set by the GCSE board for each individual GCSE subject examination.

On final confirmation from the exam board, each candidate will receive their full examination session fee and this information will be made available from our school examination team.


Parents that pay the whole annual fee in advance will be eligible for a discount of £100.

A sibling discount of £500 off is offered to the third child onwards in a family, enrolled at the school.

Fee Enquiries

For fee-related queries or to discuss payment arrangements, you may contact the Finance department via this form.